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Top 50 Architectural Achievements

  • #39. Golden Gate Bridge

    #39. Golden Gate Bridge

        Building The Golden Gate Bridge Golden Gate Bridge Location: San Francisco, CA. Architect: Joseph Strauss, Irving Morrow,…

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  • #42. Symphony Hall

    #42. Symphony Hall

        Symphony Hall, Location: Boston Architect: McKim, Mead, and White Year: 1900 McKim, Mead, and White are responsible for two…

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  • #44. Villa Farnese

    #44. Villa Farnese

      Passaggio a Nord Ovest: Villa Farnese a Caprarola In compagnia di Alberto Angela visitiamo…

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  • #45. Petronas Towers

    #45. Petronas Towers

        NG Megastructures - Petronas Tower Petronas Towers, Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Architect: César Pelli and Djay Cerico Year: 1998…

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  • #47. Monticello

    #47. Monticello

      Monticello: Thomas Jefferson's World Thomas Jefferson's World illustrates how Jefferson's vision for America and…

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