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Brief Timeline – World History – 6000 years

History Timeline – Brief Timeline – 4000 BC to Today Mesopotamia, Palestine, Egypt, Recorded History, Emergence of Complex Civilization, Noah, Hammurabi, Pharaoh’s, India, China, Asia, Expansion, The Americas and Oceania, Greeks, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar, Jesus of Nazareth, Roman Empire, Christianity, The Middle Ages, Islam, Black Death, Church, Secular, The Renaissance, The Baroque Era, The Classical/Revolutionary Era, The Romantic and Impressionistic Eras, The Modern Era, Contemporary Era.


About Us PureHistory  is a social search engine, media networking that makes it possible for users to connect with friends, family, businesses, museums, universities, Schools (K-12), churches and organizations around the world to discover and share interesting historical facts and current information. Our vision is to become the top social media networking platform for people to share and gather historical facts, genealogical data, academic information, industry information and important World Events. With the numerous museums and online libraries, book collections, a community of resourceful people and over 500 Contributing Writers, there is no limit to what information you can mine and the knowledge you can acquire from We give you important News From Around The World that you can share with the right people. If you like the American history, you find it with us; written or oral. You can also learn more about different industries including the American Airlines, Automotive Industry, the World Fashion, Historic Railroad Stations and Locomotive Trains. (P) is alive and is getting larger and better by the day. We are basically rewiring history and impacting all aspects of your life with historical information and facts acquired through, investigation, discovery and analysis. We do this with the aim of enriching lives, transforming people and eventually making the world a better place to live in. Our presence is felt everywhere including the main stream media, social networking sites and across the major industries of the world. The field of education is one of the major beneficiaries of We provide useful content that teachers around the world can share with one another, and also use in classes. Colleges and universities are increasingly finding our portals useful for research and information gathering. Users can browse government libraries or public research databases across the globe. They can also access online historical collections and libraries including those that specialize in county and national historical information.

Students can also learn online history courses, religion, science and law among many others. We help you understand the past and present history of the United States of   America and important World Events that have shaped its history; for instance, the American Wars, Slavery, Underground Railroad, World War II and the Korean Wars.



You can learn about the Men Who Built America, the landmark contributions they made, their lives, and what became of them. Some of these men and women include George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Fredrick Douglas, Ronald Reagan, Jefferson Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses Grant, Theodore Roosevelt and Sandra Day O’Connor among others. You can also find up to date political information about 2014 Democratic Party and 2014 Republican Party information. Our networking site allows families to build a Family Tree which they can update from time to time. You can also get yourself inspired by the family trees of some influential people you know. Family trees help you understand your roots, the important people you may be sharing a lineage with and how far it has taken you to be where you are today. You can download or upload photographs of your family tree or people dealing with the American history. We have a corner dedicated to any kid that Schools K-12 can take advantage of. You can use the kids’ corner to plan a curriculum appropriate for your kids and find fun activities for them to enjoy. Some interesting activities that you can consider undertaking together with your kids include studying your family tree to find a military person, and searching local libraries for important local history and cultural events.

There is also more about the Media that you can find in our collection, both past and present including historical movies, American History, Golden Years of Radio and Golden Years of Television, This Day in History, TV Westerns 1940′s-1990′s, 2014 academy awards, dance, actors, music, Sports, Television Stations World-Wide, Spoken Words and Teen Kids News. Those who like oral history can get it here. For you to enjoy the PureHistory experience, we ask you to create and update your Profile Page to allow other users to know what they can share with you and most importantly to reveal your real identity. You will always need to sign in to access any information from the network. We appreciate the need to bring more young people on board and most importantly to have more content from young people “for young people” and that’s why we are on course to introduce the Young Contributing Writers segment. As a matter of fact, contributing writers have played an integral role in the success of this site and we hope the young contributors will follow in their footsteps. You can join PureHistory Book Club to gain access to a wide collection of books including the Lawrence E. Walker Collection. The club is available for people ages 20-65. You can also subscribe to our e-books to receive more content on your email. Contact, Lawrence E. Walker President/CEO PureHistory Email: ℗ is your source to learn about the broad and beautiful spectrum of our shared History.