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Hurricane Dorian 2019

Update on Hurricane Dorian 2019: Category 5 Hurricane

The Hurricane Dorian update from NOAA shows the Category 5 storm nearing the Bahamas and still tracking toward Miami, Florida. The latest path map shows a potential impact up to the Carolinas.

Why The Pace Of Hurricane Dorian Is So Dangerous by Marshall Shepherd

As a meteorologist, I am hoping that people will be making cliche but inaccurate statements that meteorologists are always wrong next week. Hurricane Dorian is a major life-threatening storm, and our best weather models are starting to come into consensus as the time frame to landfall shrinks. I want the models to be wrong but there is nothing that indicates at this time that they will be. Based on the latest information from the models and observations, the state of Florida is facing a potential Category 4 (or higher) hurricane in one of the most populated parts of the state. If you need a reminder of what this type of storm can do, Hurricane Michael (2018) is a devastating and society-changing reminder. The storm blew through rather quickly leaving a path of destruction in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. Hurricane Dorian will be a slow mover after landfall, and that is an ominous sign. Here’s why. To read more go to the line below:

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