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Venezuelan Americans

The Modern History of Venezuela from 1908 to 1973 – Edgardo Lander on Reality Asserts Itself

We apologize for releasing part 4 before parts 2 and 3. We are publishing part 2 now, on Monday, and part 3 will be published on Tuesday. Mr. Lander traces the history of Venezuela from dictatorship to attempts at democratic governments and back.

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Venezuelan Americans are U.S. citizens who trace their heritage, or part of their heritage, to the nation of Venezuela.

Venezuelan Americans are one of 20 Latin American groups in the U.S. While other U.S. citizens or residents with national origins in any of the Hispanic American countries may be closely related to Spaniards in language and culture, Venezuelan Americans also reflect their diversified culture, which includes influences from ItaliansSpanishPortugueseGermans, and the French, along with influences from African and indigenous Amerindian elements. Venezuelan Spanish is the group’s spoken form of the Spanish language.


Until the 20th century, there was no clear record of the number of Venezuelans who emigrated to United States. If known, however, that between the eighteenth and early nineteenth century, there were many European immigrants in Venezuela, who came to this country, only to then migrate from there to the United States, considering European Immigrants from South America. While it is also known that there were migrations. From 1910 to 1930, emigrate to United States entering the United States over 4,000 South Americans each year.

However, there are not many specific figures that indicate the number of Venezuelans who emigrated to this country. In this moments, many Venezuelans settled in the United States for get a better schooling, remaining in the country also after of graduation. They are frequently joined by his relatives. However, since the early 1980s the reasons of the Venezuelan emigration have a change: The most of the Venezuelans emigrate for earn higher salaries. In addition, the economic fluctuations in Venezuela also promoted an important migration of Venezuelan professionals to the United States.  In recent years, more Venezuelans opposing the economic and political policies of president Hugo Chávez are migrating to the U.S. (mostly to Florida, but New York City and Houston are other destinations). ℗ is your source to learn about the broad and beautiful spectrum of our shared History.