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Journey To Freedom Collection


Journey To Freedom: African-American Life in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York (1638-1932)

is a multi-media resource that serves as an educational aid for students, teachers, community organizations, corporations, community development outreach organizations, historical and cultural facilitators, colleges and churches. With clear and dramatic description, this educational aid delivers relevant and poignant commentary on the joined forces behind African American freedom. It celebrated the diverse influences that characterized America’s early steps on the long winding road to civil rights and desegregation.

Much of the film work was authentically shaped at locations known to be passageways, holding places and escape routes to freedom. Skilled actors enliven scenes with realistic portrayals and unforgettable imagery. This Multi Media resource includes a 2-set CD-ROM, a music score composed by Aaron Brown, and two other books: “Lest We Forget,” a photographic & historical guide to African American Churches and “In Due Season,” a photographic & historical guide to African American Cemeteries.

*For the classroom and lecture setting, “Journey To Freedom”: The African-American Life in New Jersey (1638-1932) paints an invaluable portrait of 400-years of American History from slavery to freedom.


14-MT.-PISGAH-A.M.E.-CHURCH-AND-ITS-CONGREGATION-IN-1827-1890-AT-MOULDY-AND-COMPANY-ROADS-IN-LAWNSIDE-NEW-JERSEY-c.-LAWNSIDE-HISTORICAL-SOCIETY-300x206Photographs of Mt. Pisgah A.M.E. Church and it;s congregation in 1827-1890 at Mouldy and Company roads in Lawnside, New Jersey (c. Lawnside Historical Society)

1. Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church (1827) New Brunswick, New Jersey

2. Ebenezer Baptist Church (1875) Rev. Charles C. Church, New Brunswick, New Jersey

3. Bethel A.M.E. Church (1843) Morristown, New Jersey

4. Union Baptist Church (1919), Rev. Charles Marks
Morristown, New Jersey

5. Second Presbyterian Church (1800’s) Rahway, New Jersey

6. Second Baptist Church (1892) Rahway, New Jersey

7. Bethel African Methodist Church (1820) Springtown, New Jersey

8. *Mount Zion A.M.E. Church (1810) Montgomery Township Historic Site
Landmarks Commission, Montgomery, New Jersey

9. Mt. Pisgah A.M.E. Church (1888-1999) Salem, New Jersey

10. *Old Carpenter Street School (1840) Woodbury, New Jersey

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