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Burger Ranch

Burger Ranch: Bikers 

Agency: Mccann Erickson, Production: Timeline, Director: Oded Ruskin and DP: Shai Peleg.

230px-New_Burger_Ranch_LogoBurger Ranch (Hebrew: בורגראנץ’‏‎; Burgeranch) is an Israeli fast-food chain. In 2010, the Burger Ranch chain included 107 restaurants with over 1500 employees, competing primarily with McDonald’s Israel.


Burger Ranch, Ashdod

The first Burger Ranch in Israel opened in 1972 on Ben Yehuda Street in Tel Aviv byRaz Gavrieli. In 1978, a second restaurant opened on Ibn Gvirol Street. Two more branches opened in 1979 in Ramat Hasharon and Dizengoff Center. By 1993, when McDonald’s entered the Israeli market, Burger Ranch was the largest restaurant chain in Israel, with 49 restaurants.

In 1997, 74 percent of Burger Ranch was acquired by Smk Oil Company Ltd.. At the end of 2001, Smk completed the acquisition, becoming 100 percent owners of the chain. New branches of Burger Ranch were opened at Smk gas stations. In 2006, Smk sold the chain to the Israeli businessman Yossi Hoshinski. In early 2008 Hoshinshki died of a heart attack, and the company went into bankruptcy. In 2008, Orgad Holdings bought out Burger Ranch for over NIS 100 million.

Merger with Burger King

In 1992, when Burger King entered the Israeli market, it discussed a deal with Burger Ranch chain but the talks failed. Burger King Israel went on to open over 50 restaurants. Burger Ranch tried to take over Burger King in Israel, but was blocked by monopoly laws. In 2005, after Burger King declared bankruptcy, it was purchased by Orgad Holdings.

In 2010, it announced that Orgad Holdings would be re-branding Burger King Israel as Burger Ranch. At the time the two chains were merged there were 55 Burger Ranches and 52 Burger Kings, creating 107 Burger Ranches

In July 2013 it was announced the Burger King would be re-entering the Israeli market, under new ownership, with 27 planned locations.

Ben Gurion Airport

In October 2011 it was announced the Burger Ranch had out bit McDonald’s for the 2 prime locations in Ben Gurion Airport. Due to the large influx of people through the airport these locations are estimated to have $8 million a year in sales, or approximately four times the $2.2 million rent for these locations.


Although the separate ingredients of the hamburgers are kosher, not all of the Burger Ranch restaurants are certified as kosher. Burger Ranch does not sell cheeseburgers, non-kosher meats (such as bacon) or seafood, as a matter of franchise policy.

Some Burger Ranch restaurants are certified as being even more strictly kosher (Glatt Kosher). One is in Jerusalem, two are in Bnei Brak and one in Petah Tikva, all are under Bet Yosef supervision.

Some of the restaurants offer hamburgers in gluten-free buns. During Passover, all of the restaurants offer kosher-for-Passover buns. These unleavened buns are available also in non-kosher-certified restaurants. ℗ is your source to learn about the broad and beautiful spectrum of our shared History.