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USA Economic Collapse

USA Economic Collapse – Dollar Crash Coming – Global meltdown! Fall of America – Economic Collapse – Global Meltdown Coming 2015 Prepare!

Stories from the Great Depression – The National Archives Southeast Region presents stories from survivors of the Great Depression overlaid with powerful pictures from era.

imagesUSA Economic Collapse – Dollar Crash Coming – Global meltdown! Fall of America- Global Meltdown Coming 2015 Prepare!

This depression was not only an economic catastrophe, it was social and political catastrophes as well. Its origins then were a mystery and even now among the general public are not clear.Terrible conditions which occurred in the United States and the rest of the world in the 1930’s are known as the Great Depression.

The lessons we never learned from the Great Depression of the 1930s…
How to prosper in hard times
How to prepare for the coming depression…

What would it mean?
The collapse of the US dollar could mean the plunging of the world into a repeat of the 1930’s
Great Depression. Nations will not be able to trade sufficiently causing them difficulty in
servicing their debts and hence forcing them into bankruptcy. Countries whose entire economies
depend on the dollar like Australia, New Zealand and Canada will also be forced to collapse.
Asian economies that have, for years depended on the US dollar in trade will be severely
affected although they will be able to bounce back after a while, but not before suffering great

The health sector will suffer an immense blow as people will not be able to afford proper health
services in addition to the countries’ inability to provide them’. The number of people living in
poverty will increase worldwide, most especially in the US, which goes without saying. This
would then result in an increase in crime rates as people struggle to survive in the ensuing
economic crisis. The US will be knocked way down to a third world country and lose its status as
a superpower Global currency reserves will then be entirely converted to an alternative, more stable currency like the Euro, which comprises less than 30% of the reserves.

CIA Advisor: 25-Year Depression is About to Strike America

We’ve got another whistleblower in the CIA. But this time, it’s not the kind of report you might expect from the spy agency. Jim Rickards used to serve as an advisor for Financial Threat and Asymmetric Warfare. It’s a fancy name for strategy. How to use government tactics to influence global change. You might recognize his name. He’s the author of two best selling books: Currency Wars and The Death of Money.

Jim Rickards Sunday, January 30, 2011In a recent article, Rickards suggests the Federal Reserve is covering up a massive debt crisis. In fact, he says the same computer model he developed for the CIA to predict attacks around the world, that system “Project Prophecy” tells him that the Federal Reserve is doing what they can to keep the public “in the dark” about a 100 TRILLION dollar meltdown. A massive financial collapse. On his website, Rickards calls it an “unavoidable catastrophe.”

During a recent radio interview, Rickards pointed to a recurring trend he found in the international Monetary System.

Even though the Dollar is trading against the Euro at the highest point than at any time in the last ten years, Rickards still says there is room for concern. Especially because comparing currency to the Euro doesn’t mean the same thing as it once did. Other signs of cheap oil and a global economic slowdown point toward a coming crisis that could challenge the average American’s financial resolve.

Historically, the Swiss franc has been one of the most stable currencies in the global markets. But just earlier this month, the Swiss central bank split apart from their currency ceiling with the Euro, sending it for a sharp nosedive. The Swiss central bankers and financial analysts clearly sense some kind of change in the wind, but right up until the announcement, they kept their cards very close to the vest. Several top European officials said they were very insulted that they didn’t even get so much as a heads up that such a dramatic change was coming.

Now the Euro is plummeting, the Dollar isn’t very far behind, and the global markets are full of world leaders, nervously feeling each other out, and looking for solid ground in a global economy based unstable Fiat currencies. One thing is for certain – they’re harvesting precious metals found INSIDE solid ground. Keep your eyes on China, India, Brazil and Russia they’re all purchasing record amounts of gold.

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