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Two Georgia Trump Co-Defendants Set To Argue For Separate by Marshall Cohen

 Two Georgia Trump Co-Defendants Set To Argue For Separate 

Attorneys for Kenneth Chesebro and Sidney Powell argued that they only engaged in a portion of the conduct alleged in the indictment.

2 Trump co-defendants ask judge to break apart Georgia election interference case and hold separate trials

Two Trump co-defendants in Georgia who requested speedy trials asked a judge Wednesday to formally separate their cases from the sprawling overall indictment, a move that would undercut Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ attempt to hold one massive trial for all 19 defendants in the election interference case.

Former Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell and pro-Trump lawyer Kenneth Chesebro separately asked the judge overseeing the case to “sever” their trials from the other defendants. If granted, this would break apart the case and allow their cases to go to trial as soon as October.

These are the first attempts in court by former President Donald Trump’s co-defendants to break apart the case. The motions filed Wednesday are part of the increasingly convoluted pretrial wrangling among Trump, his 18 co-defendants and Willis, who wants a trial for all 19 defendants to occur in October.

Powell and Chesebro, who both deny wrongdoing in the case, already invoked their right to a speedy trial, which would need to begin before early November, per Georgia law. Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee ordered Chesebro’s trial to begin on October 23. Powell’s request is pending. Trump wants to slow things down and opposes that timeline.

Trump’s lawyers have also said they want to sever his case from the other defendants but haven’t yet filed a motion in court. To learn more about these historic trails to to the link below: ℗ is your source to learn about the broad and beautiful spectrum of our shared History.