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The Governors of New Jersey 1664-1974

govlewismorriscolorThe Governors of New Jersey 1664-1974: Biographical Essays

New Jersey Historical Commission. The Governors of New Jersey 1664-1974: Biographical Essays. Trenton, NJ, The Commission, 1982. Paul A. Stellhorn and Michael J. Birkner, Editors.

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Navigating the report, Part One:

The Contents pages (click here) consist of three lists: Contents (the governors arranged chronologically); Alphabetical List of Essays; and List of Illustrations.

Each governor’s name in both the “Contents” and the “Alphabetical List” is linked to his biographical essay; just click on the name to go to the biography. The last page of a governor’s biographical essay is linked back to the contents pages; just click on it.

Likewise, for a portrait of a governor, click on his name in the “List of Illustrations.” (Use your browser’s Back button to return from the portraits.) The only exception is the portrait of Woodrow Wilson which is the frontispiece of the book; to view it, click on the title of the book in the first paragraph above. Please note that in the original book the portraits, except for the frontispiece, were published in very low contrast. These digital images are as close as we could get to the published portraits.

Navigating the report, Part Two:

You can also go directly to the different parts of the book, including any individual governor’s essay, by clicking on one of the following links. We have noticed that computers using dial-up connections often have problems with internal links as described above. You may find it more convenient to use these direct links instead.

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