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Second Baptist Church (1913), Metuchen, NJ

In 1913, the Second Baptist Church held its first meeting in a small building on the corner of Middlesex and Amboy avenues in Metuchen, New Jersey.  Reverend Page Beverly, a state Baptist Convention missionary, often preached at these meetings. The Reverend Nelson D. Tate succeeded Reverend Beverly, holding meetings or services in the same building.  From there, the group moved to a blacksmith shop on Middlesex Avenue.  Cryan’s Restaurant now occupies the site that housed the Second Baptist Church in 1914.  Reverend Tate later rented the old Franklin school building on New Street, a one-room building with a seating capacity of about 75 people, and held services there. The church organization was made up of a deacon board, trustee board, missionary circle and Sunday school.


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