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Saint James A.M.E. Church (1902) East Millstone, NJ

Most of the original members of Saint James African Methodist Episcopal Church had been members of the Reformed Church in East Millstone. After Reverend Alonzo Peak Page died in 1901, there was a brief period before the Reverend Doctor Henry Lockwood arrived when other clergy were assigned to the church. One said something that offended the African-American members of the congregation enough to cause them to withdraw and form their own church — the Saint James A.M.E. Church.

At that time, the Mettler family owned Voorhees Hall on Welsh’s Lane in East Millstone. The Black congregation was given use of the second floor for as long as they needed it.  Saint James A.M.E. Church continued to use Voorhees Hall until 1957, when construction was completed on a new building at Welsh’s Lane and Wortman Street. Voorhees Hall was subsequently sold to the Odd Fellows around 1960.

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