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Pillar College

Pillar College Alumni Christian College NJ Here is Josh Paul an alumni from Pillar College speaking about his life before, during and after his college experience.

UnknownWelcome to Pillar College where we are dedicated to helping you pursue God’s purpose and your passions in higher education. Pillar is an undergraduate institution of higher learning that is faithful to classical Christianity, grounded on the authority of God’s Word, and committed to challenging Christians to serve Christ with passion and purpose. As He came into the world to serve God and humanity, you also are invited to learn how to invest your life to make a lasting impact on our world.

Mission Statement

Pillar College educates, inspires, and equips students for excellent scholarship, service, and leadership. Rooted in and committed to Christian faith and love, Pillar fosters intellectual, spiritual, and social development among its diverse student population at various instructional sites.

Why Pillar?

Unknown-1Become A Transformational Leader! You were made to change the world. As a student at Pillar College, you can learn to inspire and lead others as you pursue the life you were called to live. Your transformation begins today!

Pillar Quick Facts:

  • Pillar is New Jersey’s only fully-accredited evangelical four-year college, and has been offering a Christ-centered education for over 100 years.
  • Pillar boasts the highest growth of all Christian colleges in the US, according to the US Department of Education-recognized accrediting agency–the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).
  • Pillar offers Prior Learning Assessment Credits. You can earn up to 30 credits for prior life and learning experience.
  • Pillar offers programs tailored to fit the specific needs of each student. It is our goal to help you discover, clarify and to achieve God greater vision for your life.
  • Pillar offers traditional four-year Bachelor of Arts degrees in addition to two-year and non-traditional degree or certificate options for adult learners.
  • Pillar sites are a short drive from New York City, state parks, historical sites, hiking trails, professional and minor league sports, and New Jersey beaches. To learn more about Pillar College go to the link below: ℗ is your source to learn about the broad and beautiful spectrum of our shared History.