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Occupy Atlanta

Occupy Atlanta is a grassroots movement formed in support of the Occupy Wall Street protests. We come from all walks of life. We come from all parts of the political spectrum. We come from the working class and from social justice movements past, present, and future. We are every person that is crying out for a more responsive and democratic society.

We all have come together to fight the corporate takeover of America. Our shared goal is to get the corporate money out of politics, fight for the rights of 99% of Americans who are being tyrannized by the top 1%, and bring about true democracy where every person has a voice and has a say in the process of governance.

We are a non-violent movement, accomplishing our objectives through peaceful exercise of our First Amendment rights. We will take to the streets, we will spread our message far and wide. We will not be divided or bought out, and we will not rest until the Corporatocracy lays toppled at our feet. If you doubt this is possible, look to Egypt, Tunisia, and Iceland as examples. Peaceful revolution is possible in our time. All that is required is for everyone to lay aside the petty differences that divide us, standing should-to-shoulder in solidarity on what unites us.

Occupy Atlanta and Occupy Oakland

Oct 26, 2011 – Occupiers arrested in Oakland and Atlanta

Like in many other cities, protesters had been camping in Woodruff Park to rally against what they see as corporate greed and a wide range of other economic issues.

We are Occupy Atlanta.

We are the 99%.

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