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New Mexico True TV: Northeast

New Mexico True TV-Episode 1: Northeast

Join Michael and the New Mexico True Television crew as they head to “Cowboy Country” in northeast New Mexico. Your trip begins with the loveable alpacas at Victory Ranch and continues with classic cars and western wear in Raton. Get up close to the wildlife at Vermejo Park Ranch, have a cold one at the Colfax Tavern, and take a dip in the Montezuma Hot Springs. Wrap up your road trip at the St. James Hotel in Cimarron, where history isn’t the only thing haunting the halls.

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With so much to see and do in New Mexico, it’s hard to decide where to begin your trip. Come along with our host, Michael Newman, as he explores the state’s most memorable destinations (and meets a few interesting characters along the way). New Mexico True Television airs Sunday mornings in select New Mexico and Texas markets, but you can also check out the full episodes here.

alpacaOut in the beautiful Mora Valley, I got to visit Victory Ranch to have my first close encounter with an Alpaca. And oh my…was it love and first sight. These friendly creatures derive from the high-attitude mountains of South America, but now live a more “down-to-earth” life here in New Mexico. With Alpacas roaming as far as the eye could see, it was hard to believe they all have different names and personalities; not to mention, all shades of fur. I got to talk with the owners Brian and Darcy about their Alpaca oasis (as well as other animals) and got to participate in one of their daily feeding tours. A MUST DO if you’re in the Mora area. The kids will love it!

Just outside of Raton, Vermejo Park Ranch is 920 square miles of gorgeous mountain wilderness. I, personally, had never been anywhere this pristine and vast in my life. I got to take a personal tour of this exclusive private property with my guide Nicole, but even after exploring for 5 hours we only saw a small portion of the land. It is an outdoorsman’s (or woman’s) paradise with plenty of activities spanning from hunting to photography tours. Also, it’s the only place I have ever been where it’s commonplace to see a herd of bison casually roam 5 feet away from your car door. Talk about immersion!

mn-vermejo-flyfishI got to partake in a little bit of fly-fishing, but the highlight for me was just enjoying the stillness of this majestic landscape. Like I said, this place is an exclusive private getaway that requires lodging in order to engage in any outdoor activities, so definitely save up for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

When heading into Raton I got to check out “The Station.” It’s an old gas station that has been kept up to be the hangout for all the hot rod car buffs in town. On any given day you could find 30 different cars, all of which dating no later than the 1950’s.

vintage-car400-300Lastly, I had to share my inaugural experience as an outfitted cowboy. In Raton, we stopped at Solano’s Boot & Western Wear; a family owned shop specializing in the best Western Wear around. When we got there, I intended to try on a couple hats to fit my not-so-small head… but we decided to go all the way. I’m talking from the authentic western steamed hat, to the knee-high boots. Isn’t funny that when you dress up, you kind of take on that persona? I felt like I was really going to go heard some cattle. No…like for real.

All in all, my travels through Northeast New Mexico have opened me up to the lush, vast mountain landscapes that I think many people forget about. It’s a region with warm people and vistas for days.

So what are you waiting for? Go explore!

Thank you so much for reading…and see you on my next adventure!

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