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Breakfast@Lindy’s | Episode – 1 (Pilot) | Toby Younis, CEO, StreamingNM

StreamingNM’s Shelley Carney interviews owners and representatives of Albuquerque-based companies. The set is in the coffee room of Lindy’s Coffee Shop in Downtown Albuquerque., and

ec395e31-7492-44ab-b53a-78c7669455e1_170x255StreamingNM – We provide our clients a reliable, affordable, high quality, mobile live streaming solution for all types of events, managed by experienced producers and operated by a skilled engineering team running tested and proven technologies.

Shaun V. Scott is currently a director with StreamingNM and a co-producer of Breakfast@Lindy’s. Shaun has worked with this team of professionals for the past three years as a director, technical director and engineer in community television. He brings unique skill sets from the film industry, university academic advisement, and 20 years of military service. His understanding of individual craft positions and how to lead a diverse production crew fosters an environment where ideas and concepts can flourish. He has filled a myriad of film positions; producer, unit production manager, 1st assistant director, grip, locations, set dressing, props, craft service and is a SAG/AFTRA actor and stunt performer. Shaun holds a Master of Science in Counseling & Psychology from Troy University, a Bachelor of Science in Workforce Education & Development from Southern Illinois University, and two Associate in Applied Science degrees from the Community College of the Air Force, one in Information Systems Technology and the second for an Instructor of Technology & Military Science.

Susan R. Scott is currently an audio/visual engineer with StreamingNM and is a co-producer of Breakfast@Lindy’s. She brings unique skill sets from over 20 years of executive administration and information management career fields. Sue worked her way from floor director to technical director mastering all aspects of these positions in community television. Her 20 years of military experience as a senior administrator and logistician has enhanced this team by creating and improving processes. She has worked in several film positions; producer, script supervisor, 1st assistant director, and craft service. Sue holds a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of New Mexico, and an Associate in Applied Science in Information Management from the Community College of the Air Force. She is also an accomplished flutist, playing with bands and groups in the local community.  We officially formed Pig and Hippo Productions, LLC, in 2012.

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