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Mary Parker Foundation

“Every day is an opportunity to ignite the potential of the next generation. This is our passion. This is our purpose. We meet them where they are, and shine a bright light to show the way. We uplift, empower, and impact!” ~ Mary H. Parker | Founder & ED

The Mary Parker Foundation invests in underserved communities to uplift all generations through lifelong learning. We steadily nurture people and places to foster prosperity and wellbeing. And we see a bright future for our youth and families! Join us.

The Foundation forges meaningful relationships to advance our work together. With a capable staff and vast network of partners, we provide resources to support a thriving community.

We are passionate about Education, Entrepreneurship, and Empowerment. Our goal is a sustained, positive impact on the populations we serve. Explore our programs below to learn how we may be of service. To learn more about the Mary Parker Foundation go to the link below:

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