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Manual of the Legislature of NJ

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The Manual of the Legislature of New Jersey is the go-to resource for current and historical New Jersey government information.

There were a number of attempts to create a legislative manual for New Jersey, in 1811, 1836 and 1837, but none became permanently established until 1872.  It was a slim volume of only 78 pages. The new editor F.L. Lundy apologizes for the present issue, crude in itself, is but the beginning of an annual work which the compiler hopes may in future editions become a standard book of reference on New Jersey matters. (Lundy. Manual of the Legislature of New Jersey. 1872).  Lundys dream of the manual growing in size and becoming a standard reference work would exceed his expectations; the 2011 edition of the manual is 1099 pages

These manuals were digitized through the State Librarys participation in the Lyrasis/Internet Archive Mass Digitization project. That many of them have been downloaded over a thousand times is a testament to their enduring legacy as a resource for information on the legislature, statistics, voting results, biographies and much more. ℗ is your source to learn about the broad and beautiful spectrum of our shared History.