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Love Marriage & Fairytales

Love Marriage & Fairytales: Muslim Version

230982942_640Ahmed Bukhatir

Today’s world has gone astray, purity is scarce. Sexualisation of society and we’ve lost touch to our morals. This poem aims to provide a solution. Lend me your ears. #MuslimLove The Anasheed in the Background by Ahmed Bukhatir Marriage today is struggling. Divorces, adultery, misconceptions, etc are plaguing not only the marriage itself but products of those marriages (my generation and the next). My hope in this poem is to highlight the most frequent and problematic issues marriages face today while also pointing to Allah as the ultimate healer, redeemer, and restorer of every marriage. Whether single or married, my intention would be that this poem would allow you to look more deeply to Allah to either better your current marriage, or prepare for your future marriage. Jesus is our Prophet. ℗ is your source to learn about the broad and beautiful spectrum of our shared History.