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I Shall Not Be Moved

In this seminal work “The Souls of Black Fold”, W.E.B Dubois discussed the traditional African American song as “Sorrow Songs”.

Aaron Brown’s soundtrack is an indication that this perspective has not abated over the years.



Recorded And Mixed At: R & R Production Studios Somerset, New Jersey
Sound Mixed By: Anthony Boyd & Aaron F. Brown
Producer/Music Arrangement/ Composer: Aaron Brown Group, Aaron F. Brown
Executive Producer: Lawrence E. Walker Foundation, Lawrence E. Walker
Mixed By: Aaron F. Brown, Richard Ross & Anthony Boyd
Background Singers: Debra Dennis Soprano
Monica Lynk – Soprano
Rochelle Overton Alto
Malik Young Tenor
Eric Talley Baritone
Musicians- Keyboard & String: Aaron F. Brown
Keyboard Special Effect: The late Seth Morrison
Bass: Marvin Bradshaw & Anthony Boyd
Drum Programming: Paul Holloman & Anthony Boyd
Guitar: Ernest Baker
Flute: Eric Talley
Saxophone: Irvin Hall
Vocal Coach: Malik Young
Special Guest Singer: Evangelist Karen Boateng
Poems By: Hayden Greene

I Shall Not Be Moved by Aaron F. Brown & Lawrence E. Walker ℗ is your source to learn about the broad and beautiful spectrum of our shared History.