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Barry Goldwater

Barry Goldwater by Robert Alan Goldberg

This book — the most up-to-date and balanced biography of Barry Goldwater ever written — draws on family papers and on interviews with Goldwater and with a wide range of his friends, family members, and colleagues to provide a fresh account of the private and public life of the man known as “Mr. Conservative”.”Goldberg’s biography faithfully reflects the honesty and candor that Goldwater himself generally maintained and for which he hopes to be remembered. Goldberg has used his extraordinary access to give us an unvarnished, truthful tale of the man, with empathy and above all, critical understanding. No subject could ask for more”. — Stanley I. Kutler, Chicago Tribune
“Goldberg’s admirable and refreshingly brisk biography of Mr. Goldwater could hardly be better timed. Those who want to understand the cycles of success and failure of the conservative movement need to know Goldwaterism”. — Jonathan Rauch, New York Times Book Review “An insightful, balanced, and multifaceted examination of Goldwater. The author paints a complex portrait of a complex human being…. An excellent, readable, and literate biography”. — Peter Scarlet, Salt Lake City Tribune.  “Robert Alan Goldberg’s fine new biography should become the standard narrative of Goldwater’s public career”. — David C. Ward, Boston Book Review. ℗ is your source to learn about the broad and beautiful spectrum of our shared History.