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Bambi Jones

The Great Bambi Jones

This is a short documentary about the daringly wonderful burlesque legend, Bambi Jones. Directed and edited by Rylee Jean Ebsen as a project for her film class at New York University. It was shot by Stuart Winecoff & Blake Brewer and sound was recorded by Kyler Zee. Special thanks to Bambi Jone, Bambi Jr. (and her entire family!), The Sisterhood of The Traveling G-String, Ward Hall, Lefty Lucy, Little Brooklyn, Bunny Love, Jo Boobs Weldon, The Coney Island Museum, & Barbara Malmet.

Bambi Jones

bambi-jones-02Bambi Jones (born 1931), also known as Doris Kotzan was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts. She is known for being the Original Burlesque dancer and author of her new book My Journey BURLESQUE: The Way It Was. She appeared in the documentary “Exotic World & The Burlesque Revival.”


220px-Bambi_Jones_at_Burlesque_Hall_of_Fame-2012Jones onstage at the 2012
Burlesque Hall of Fame

Bambi Jones was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Bambi Jones admired the movie stars of the 1940s. At age 17, she moved to the bright lights to pursue her career in show biz. She worked in a hotel bar and would always dance to the jukebox there. A photographer from McVann’s night club saw talent in Bambi Jones and invited her to dance for their club. She loved to dance so she took the job. She would later be scouted by an ex-Rockette and appear on burlesque stages throughout South America, Mexico, Canada, and the United States as “Bambi Jones.” ℗ is your source to learn about the broad and beautiful spectrum of our shared History.