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Today Live Impeachment Hearing by Tom McCarthy

Left to right, former US Presidents Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton

In a historic vote today Wednesday December 18, 2019, the House of Representatives is expected to impeach President Donald Trump. The vote would make Trump the third president in U.S. history to be impeached. The House of Representatives is expected to take up the articles of impeachment beginning at 9 a.m. ET with a vote to follow later in the day. Watch live in the video player. The House is considering two articles of impeachment–abuse of power and obstruction of Congress–against the president. The articles are expected to be approved along party lines. Democrats have charged Trump with using his office for personal, political gain when he asked Ukraine’s president to investigate 2020 presidential candidate and former vice president Joe Biden along with Biden’s son, Hunter. Republicans have called the impeachment proceedings a “sham” and accused Democrats of trying to overturn the results of the 2016 election. If Trump is impeached, the process will then move to the Senate, where a trial will be held to determine whether Trump is guilty of the charges outlined in the articles of impeachment. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said there is “no chance” Trump will be removed from office and promised to take his cues on how to run the trial proceedings from the White House. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has called for additional witnesses, including White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, to testify during the Senate trial.

Trump impeachment inquiry

Impeachment history: who’s in the club no one wants to join, and why?

Trump is on the precipice of becoming the third president in US history to be impeached – with one near-miss

Donald Trump is on the precipice of becoming the third president in US history to be impeached. It’s an exclusive club that no one wants to join – but who else is in it, and why?

Five highlights from Trump’s angry, bizarre letter to Nancy Pelosi

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Here’s a look back at the two prior impeachments and a third near-miss case.

Impeachment #1: Andrew Johnson (1868)

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln in April 1865 unexpectedly elevated his vice-president, Johnson, an outspoken white supremacist but strong anti-secessionist, to the White House. With the aftershocks of the civil war manifesting in bloody voter suppression and racially motivated terrorism across the South, Johnson’s presidency was immediately thrown into tumult by demands that the new president take steps to cement the war’s promise of racial equality. But Johnson vetoed civil rights legislation, unilaterally pardoned hundreds of former Confederate leaders and called for the murder of his political enemies.

Johnson was in essence impeached for undermining the cause of racial equality, the historian Brenda Wineapple wrote in her book The Impeachers.

But the bulk of the impeachment clauses against him were predicated on a relatively narrow charge of violating a contemporary “tenure of office” law (repealed soon thereafter) by removing his secretary of war, Edwin Stanton, who was instrumental in opposing racist attacks on suffrage for former slaves. To read more go to the link below:

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