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Occupy Los Angeles

A12: Occupy La Occupies Artwalk for M1Gs

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Occupy LA Mini Documentary: Night of Eviction, Protest, LAPD Police Arrests on 11-29-2011 – in HD – This is a Mini Documentary assembled quickly from footage that I shot on the evening of November 29, 2011, during the Occupy LA Protests and LAPD police raid. It’s more like a first-hand verite Documentary experience about what it was like to be in middle of protests during the Occupy LA eviction and police action:

Occupy LA protests and clashes with LAPD riot police officers after Mayor Villaraigosa and the LAPD evict Occupy LA members from their camp at LA City Hall park on the evening of 11-29-2011.

‘Dalai Lama Renaissance’ Documentary Film Producer-Director Khashyar Darvich heard the commotion from his film office on Spring Street in downtown Los Angeles, and grabbed his camera and microphone and hurried to film the events.

Protesters break through police lines.

Over 1,000 LAPD police in riot gear swarm protesters.

This moment explores the importance of the First Amendment and the rights of Free Speech and Assembly, versus the right of police and authorities to arbitrarily decide when to reduce or suspend those rights.

Spring is here. We are coming.

The Plan: For May 1st, 2012 Occupy Los Angeles is organizing around a “4 Winds” People’s Power Car and Bike Caravan through the urban sprawl of Los Angeles that will culminate in Direct Action in and around the Financial District of downtown LA. People from all sectors of the city will have a chance to plug in to the routes from any corner of the city, helping to shut down the flow of capital while addressing the 99%’s major grievances.

These 4 caravans, beginning in the late morning, coming from the North, South, East & West, will be an amalgam of cars and bikes, occupiers and unions, community orgs and organic communities — taking over our streets on routes designed to bring to light to societies ills, past and present, and engaging with residents and workers as we connect the disparate voices, races, classes and nationalities that make up Los Angeles. The caravans will stop at flashpoints along the way. Flash occupations, food giveaways, and other direct actions targeting the foreclosure crisis and police brutality will be undertaken at these flashpoints on our slow, city-paralyzing, carnival-esque descent into the center of the city.

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