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Monmouth Battlefield Re-Enactment

“Monmouth 1778: Battle for the North” – Washington’s New Jersey Victory


June 28, 1778 — The Battle of Monmouth Courthouse

This was the last major engagement of the northern theater of the American War of Independence, and the largest one-day battle of the war pitting General George Washington’s Valley Forge trained Army in pitched open battle against the rear of British General Sir Henry Clinton as his Army left Monmouth Court House.  The legend of “Molly Pitcher” is usually associated with this Battle — as well as the oppressive heat which affected and impaired soldiers on both sides.

Produced by multi-award-winning filmmaker Kevin R. Hershberger, this documentary film includes highly authentic recreations of the important events of this critical battle — using a “cast of thousands” of re-enactors from around the world. As well, professional narration and maps demonstrate the important facets of the battle and campaign.  The official 230th anniversary re-enactment commemorative film. This long-anticipated DVD & Blu-Ray disc releases nationwide on August 7, 2012.

State of New Jersey Monmouth Battlefield Re-Enactment 2013

Bring your family to the Battlefield Saturday or Sunday, June 15-16, 2013, and travel back in time to the 1770’s.  Two armies will be preparing to do battle.  Continental Army soldiers retrained at Valley Forge are itching to show off their new skills, while a British-German-Loyalist Army hopes to crush the rebels and restore good government.  Come early for a full day of living history.  The army encampments will welcome visitors beginning at 9 A.M.  Watch soldiers clean their muskets while their women prepare what may be their men’s last meal.  Some officers may be drilling their men while others plan for the battle and yet others play cards.  If someone is accused of cheating, there may be a duel.  Keep track of your children or they may be drafted into one of the armies.

Young Loyalists launch a bayonet charge 
(2005, Garry Wheeler Stone)

Let the fife & drum stir your blood. (2003, Richard Wilbur)

Learn how gunners load & 
fire a field piece. 
(2003, Patricia Robinson)

Capt. Mott’s artillery 
company eats well.  
(2005: Tom Hallada)

A Continental platoon 
fires a volley.  
(2003,Michael F. Smith)

The Royal Welch Fusiliers fire back. 
(2003, Patricia Robinson)

Come to Monmouth Battlefield June 15 and 16, 2013 and help commemorate the 235th anniversary of the Battle of Monmouth.  More than 200 re-enactors will be encamped at the Battlefield to drill, demonstrate, and recreate Revolutionary War battle tactics.  Watch meals prepared over wood fires, see officers training infantry, cavalry, and artillery, and smell the gun smoke as British and Continental armies do
Watch the Battle of Monmouth:
 (You may need to install QuickTime) 

Battalion Drill  
(2007, Garry Stone)

Continental Army kitchens
(2010, Gina Provenzano)

The Continental Artillery
(2009, Gina Provenzano)

British bayonet charge 
(2009, Gina Provenzano)

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