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Moramay Alonso
Moramay Alonso

Areas of Interest: Economic History, Political Economy, Social Science History, Biological Standards of Living, Poverty and Inequality, Demography, Comparative History, Mexico Latin America, Western hemisphere. Research and Teaching: Professor López-Alonso is available to advise students interested in Latin American History and Economic History, and can offer graduate seminars in those fields. She is glad to serve as a general examiner or as a dissertation committee member for graduate students in the department when that fits their interests. Selected Publications: Measuring Up: A History of Living Standards in Mexico, 1850-1950 (Stanford University Press, 2012). “Physical Stature of Men in Eighteenth Century Mexico: Evidence from Puebla (with Agustín Grajales Porras), Economics and Human Biology, Spring 2011. “A Historical Perspective of Economic Development on the Northern Mexico Border” US-Mexico Border Program, James Baker III Institute for Public Policy, October 2010.

  • Measuring Up

    Measuring Up

        Measuring Up: A History of Living Standards in Mexico, 1850-1950 by Moramay Lopez-Alonso, Moramay Lopez-Alonso Measuring…

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