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Ambush at Hunterstown (Cavalry Battle)

Cavalry Battle of Hunterstown

Cavalry Battle of Hunterstown, July 4th, 2010, at the 147th Gettysburg Annual Battle Reenactment & Living History Event, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Springing the Trap” – Ambush at Hunterstown (Cavalry Battle)

It all began with Custer ordering elements of the 6th and 7th Michigan cavalry to dismount and move south on foot beyond and below the ridge, along both sides of the Hunterstown Road east of Gettysburg. These troops, hidden by the wheat fields, inconspicuously moved forward to the Felty Farm where the units marksmen took cover in the large bank barn on the west side of the road.  The Felty’s barn was large enough to conceal Lieutenant A.C.M. Pennington’s 2nd U.S. Battery.  Meanwhile the men of the 7th Michigan formed undetected in the tall wheat east of the Hunterstown Road, to form a cross fire with the 6th Michigan.

Young Custer had set the perfect trap.  He led approximately sixty mounted men of Company A, 6th Michigan, on a daring charge toward the Confederates. Since the Hunterstown Road was tightly flanked on both sides with post and rail fences, it is impossible for more than one company to move along the road at a gallop. Realizing this, Custer had Company ‘A’, act as a small shock force and established contact with the Confederate Cavalry.  After smacking them around and getting their fight up, Custer retreats drawing the southerners with him in pursuit. As the retreat ensued, Custer drew the CSA cavalry back north towards the ambush that was waiting east and west of the Hunterstown Road at Felty’s farm. The horses of Cobb’s Legion raced in the summer air, nose to tail with Company A, up the narrow Hunterstown Road, all-the-while bouncing between the fences which hemmed them in.  They were so caught up in the chase that they fell like a hungry mouse right into the trap; which was released on them as soon as Custer’s cavalry cleared the waiting crossfire. On Friday morning at 11 a.m., experience the thrill of thundering hooves, the whinny of horses and the shouts of cavalry commands while viewing “Springing The Trap – Ambush at Hunterstown” cavalry battle at the 150th Gettysburg  Anniversary National Civil War Reenactment. The Battle will be followed by an always pleasing close-up Cavalry Review.

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