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Virginia Bell

Burlesque dancer – Virginia Bell dances at “the Roxy”

Burlesque dancer – Virginia Bell dances at “the Roxy.” Burlesque dancer – Virginia Bell dances at the Roxy Nice. Bell was also known as: “the Treasure Chest Girl” and “The Little Girl with the Big Dimensions.”

VirginiaBellA still from a nudie loop.

Virginia “Ding Dong” Bell (born 1932 – July 1, 2010)[citation needed] was a topless model and actress. She started her career in the 1950’s as a burlesque dancer.

Virginia had one starring role in a feature film, Bell, Bare and Beautiful (1963), which was the product of legendary sexploitation team of Herschell Gordon Lewis and David Friedman. It was made to fulfill a request by her husband, Eli Jackson.  In it, Virginia plays a burlesque dancer pursued by Lewis regular Thomas Wood. But his attempts at finding true love with the “girl of his dreams” are thwarted by her gangster boyfriend (played by David Friedman). Wood gets around this speedbump by tracking Virginia down at the nudist camp she frequents, which is where at least half the film takes place.

2317711773_cheesecake_virginia_bell_rd_01_xlargeVirginia would make another appearance in Lullaby of Bareland (1964), a series of three shorter segments spliced together to flesh out the runtime. Virginia’s contribution is a lengthy striptease routine.

Aside from feature films, Virginia appeared in many nudie loops, which can be found in the video series, “Reel Classics,” and in the “Big Bust Loops” and “Super Boobs” series from Something Weird Video. ℗ is your source to learn about the broad and beautiful spectrum of our shared History.