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Swan Oyster Depot

Swan’s Oyster Depot, San Francisco


As a part of a magazine type show I’ve been putting together. A great place for local history and seafood! 

Swan Oyster Depot, San Francisco

Come lunchtime San Francisco food lovers looking for pristine seafood, a clubby atmosphere, white tablecloths and power players head to 163-year-old classic Tadich Grill. Those looking for the same pristine seafood but less pomp and more fun head to Swan Oyster Depot, one of the real restaurant gems of the Bay Area.

The space consists of just one long raw bar, with around 20 stools, manned by a handful of friendly shuckers and servers doling out oysters, clams, lobster, chowders, seafood salads and wine. It’s all about the charm, not about the pretense. Getting there outside of prime time lunch hours will guarantee a shorter wait to get in, as the secret has been out on this place since it opened in 1912.


Swan Oyster Depot was opened in 1912, in its present location by four Danish brothers. Using horse-drawn carriage, the brothers delivered fresh seafood throughout San Francisco. They operated the business until 1946, when it was purchased by Sal Sancimino and cousins. In 1970, Sal’s children took over the business and have made it into what it is today. ℗ is your source to learn about the broad and beautiful spectrum of our shared History.