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Strathcona Canadian Pacific Railway Station

Iron Ribbon: A Brief History of the Canadian Pacific Railway

800px-Strathcona_CPR_Station_10The Strathcona Canadian Pacific Railway Station in June 2010.

Strathcona Canadian Pacific Railway Station was built by the Calgary and Edmonton Railway in what was then the City of Strathcona, Alberta. The station was started in 1907, completed in 1908, and expanded in 1910, and is located at what is now 8101 Gateway Boulevard, just south of Whyte Avenue.

The building was initially the northern terminus of the Calgary and Edmonton Railwayserving Strathcona and Edmonton, although Canadian Pacific later expanded that line north across the North Saskatchewan River via the High Level Bridge into Edmonton proper. The building was designated a Canadian Heritage Railway Station in 1991, when it was still owned by CP and therefore subject to federal regulation. After being sold by CP it was designated a Municipal Historic Resource in 2003, and a Provincial Historic Resource in 2004.

From 1998 to 2010 the building was home to the Iron Horse Night Club, one of Edmonton’s largest nightclubs, with two levels, eights bars, four rooms, a dance floor, and a stage; it hosted over 1000 people on an average night.

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