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Our Family History (1850-1930) Woodard/Jackson/Porter

Our Family History Woodard/Jackson/Porter (1850-1930)

So far, we have traced our Great-Grand parents history in the United States of America from 1850 Sumter County, Georgia to 1930 Worth County Georgia. The most challenging has been locating the parents and family of Great-Grandpa John Wesley Woodard; we do, however, have some promising leads.

1850 Sumter County, Georgia

We’ve found our Great-Great-Great-Grandparents, James W. & Caroline Jackson on the slave plantation of John Jackson in Sumter County, Georgia. James was 25 and Caroline was 20. Of course, the names of slaves were not listed on the Census Records, only their ages, and gender, so we calculated their age in 1850, from the information listed on the 1870 US Census in Sumter County, Georgia, and came up with their identity on the 1850 Sumter County, Georgia Census. James and Caroline are the parents of Great-Great-Grandpa Andrew Jackson who later married Margaret. We dont find James and Caroline Jackson listed in the census again until 1880.

1870 Dawson, Georgia (Terrell County)

Jack and Maria Lewis, our Great-Great-Great-Grandparents and their nine children; William age 16, Wiley age 14, Lizzie age 12, Warren age 10, Lewis age 8, Mattie age 6, Patty age 4 Jesse age 2 and Catherine age 1, lived in Dawson, Georgia in 1870. In 1870 Grandpa Jack worked on a farm, and Grandma Maria was a homemaker. Their oldest sons William, Wiley, and Warren worked on a farm too. Their personal estate is valued at $175.00. Just down the street from the Lewiss lived our Great-Great Great-Grandparents Bill and Mary Washington and their three children; Mary age 14, John age 9 and Louisa age 8. According to the Census Records, Wiley Lewis and Mary Washington married at age 20.

1880 Browns Station, Terrell County, Georgia

Our Great-Great-Grandparents Wiley Lewis and Mary Washington-Lewis and their children Samuel age 7, George age 5 and Willie age 3 lived in Browns Station, Terrell County Georgia in 1880. Grandpa worked on a farm and Grandpa was a homemaker.

1880 Sumter, Georgia

Our Great-Great-Great-Grandparents, James W. & Caroline Jackson and their five children; James age 19, Amanda age 16, Andrew age 15, and Leroy age 7 lived in a progressive Sumter, Georgia. Grandpa James was a Tanner, Grandma Caroline was a homemaker, James was a Teacher, Amanda was an Art Teacher, Andrew and John attended school, and Leroy was at home with his mom.

1900 Terrell County, Georgia

Our Great-Great-Grandparents Wiley Lewis and Mary Ann Washington-Lewis were in their late forties or early fifties; I dont think anyone kept close tabs on how old they actually were. The children in the household in 1900 are Mary age 14, Turner age 12, *Ponto age 10, Sophie age 8, and Clesh age 4. Samuel, George and Willie are not listed in the household; well investigate this at another time. Catherine age 30, Wileys youngest sister and her daughter Essie age 6, is also living in this household. Grandpa Wiley and his son Turner work on a farm.

1900 Mineral Springs District, Stewart County

Our Great-Great-Grandmother Martha Jackson and her three children Narcissus age 15, Donnie age 11 and James age 8 all lived in Mineral Springs District, Stewart County Georgia. Marthas husband, Andrew Jackson was not listed in the household in the 1900 Census. Since Margaret is listed as the head of the household in 1900, we can conclude that Great Great Grandpa Andrew was not alive in 1900. Andrew and Martha Jackson are the grandparents of Ernest Jackson. Ernest was raised in the household with his mother Narcissus Jackson and his uncles Donnie and James. Grandpa Ernest, affectionately called Pa, was born in 1904.

1910 Militia District 12, Terrell County Georgia

Grandpa Wiley and Grandma Mary Ann are still living in Terrell County Georgia with their children Warren age 20, Sophie age 18 and Clesh age 15. (Warren and Ponto is probably the same person). Grandpa and Warren work on a farm. The records indicated that Grandma gave birth to 11 children, 8 were still living in 1910. This may explain why we didnt find Samuel, George and Willie in their household in 1900.

1910 759th Militia District, Sumter County, Georgia

John Wesley Woodard and Mary Lewis-Woodard are raising two daughters and two sons; Ida Mae age 5, Lizzie B. age 4, George W. age 2, and John W. age 1. John Wesley is about 25 years old and Mary is about 21. Grandpa is a laborer on a farm and Grandma Mary is a helper on the farm. We all know grandpa is Caucasian, (possibly of Irish decent) but he is listed on the census record as black.

1910 Militia District 725, Stewart County

Great-Great-Grandma Margaret is 61 years old, her sons Donnie age 20 and James age 15 live with her. This census confirms that Grandma is widowed. Grandma works on a turpentine farm. The census indicates that Grandma gave birth to 10 children, but only 5 or 8 are alive (difficult to make out the writing).

1920 Militia District 867, Worth County Georgia

Clay and Inez Porter are raising three children; James age 10, Annie Belle age 7 and Jammie Lee age 5. Great Uncle Clay is 33 and Great Aunt Inez is 24. Uncle Clay works on a farm.

1930 Militia District 1590, Worth County Georgia

Our Great-Grandparents Edward Glenn and Narcissus Jackson-Glenn live in the household with their two sons Grover age 21 and James age 18, their younger children Tene age14, Ossie Lee age 9, Narcissus W. age 7, Beatrice four months, their daughter in-laws Fanessie, Grovers wife, and Willie Jane, James wife, and two grand children, Era Bessie Glenn age 1 and James Glenn four months old. Edward is an operator on the farm, Grover is a dipper in the turpentine industry, and James works on a farm. Narcissus and her daughter in laws are homemakers.

1930 Bridgeboro, Georgia, Worth County

Willie D. Porter and Elizabeth Jackson-Porter (also known as Lizzie, are 20 and 21 years of age. The have no children. Uncle Willie D. Porters sister Allie L. Porter lives with him along with her two children Ira and Annie. We do know that Great Aunt Elizabeth gave birth to 5 children; Robert Charles, Gracie, Miriam, Eloise and Robert. It was told that Aunt Elizabeth died three weeks after the birth of her 5th child in 1935. It was also told, that Uncle Willie D. gave two of his youngest daughters, Miriam and Eloise to Dock and Ella Shepard; Dock and Ella Shepard were the owners of a funeral home in Sylvester, GA. Dock Shepard was known to barter his services.

Since he and his wife never had children of their own, we believe that he and his wife saw raising Miriam and Grace as a gift from the Creator. We spoke with Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Willie D. oldest child, Robert Charles Porter. Here is what he wanted to share with us today. I was born in Sylvester, Georgia on December 27, 1928. My mother died when I was 6 years old. I dont remember that much about my mother. All I know about my fathers people it was is he and his sister Allie. I visited my sisters every week at Dock and Ella Shepards home. I was named Robert at birth then; it was changed to Charles. My brother Robert, died in his early twenties, my sisters Gracie and Eloise are dead. The last time I spoke with my sister Miriam Porter-Davis, she was on her way from South Carolina headed back to Georgia. I have been unable to reach her ever since.

I am known as Robert to everyone except those who knew me as a child. I have one child; Emma Jean Porter-Merritt. Emma Jean is 56 and lives in Waycross. I have been married for 50 years to the former Clara Isaac of Springfield, SC. Please keep in touch with me. We found a Julius and Nyme Porter in the 1930 Census Record, living next door to Willie D. and Elizabeth Porter. Both are in their early forties. We can conclude that Julius and Nyme are related to Willie D. Porter.

We found Dock and Ella Shepard, both 28 years old, listed in the 1910 Census Records as Mulatto. Their nephew Clayton Jackson age 4 is living with them. In the 1930 Census, Dock and Ella Shepard are in their late forties, they own their home which is valued at $2,000.00, and Dock Shepard is an undertaker and owner of a funeral home. His wife is a homemaker.

1930 Militia District 1590, Worth County Georgia

Ernest Jackson and Ida Mae Woodard-Jackson are raising their four children, Willie D. age 5, Mary age 4, Thelma age 3 and Bertha Lee 2 months. Great-Great-Grandma Martha Jackson lives in the household of Ernest and Ida Mae Jackson in 1930. According to the 1910 census, Great-Great-Grandma Martha was 81 years old in 1930. Grandpa Ernest was an operator on a farm.

1930 Militia District 1701, Worth County Georgia

In the household of John W. Woodard, Jr. age 21, is his brother George W. Woodard age 23 and his wife Charlotte M. age 22 and their two children Dearic age 2 and Clara age 1. John, George and Charlotte worked on a farm in 1930. Johns rent was $6.00/month.

1930 Bridgeboro, Worth County Georgia

Great-Grandpa John Wesley Woodard is 48 years old, his wife Mary Lewis-Woodard died in 1924, and Grandpa is now married to Bertha Woodard. To date, we do not know the maiden name of Grandma Bertha Woodard. Bertha was born in South Carolina. Grandpa is listed as a Negro in the 1930 census. In the household of John and Bertha Woodard are Mercer age 17, Jack age 16 and Wiley age 12. John and Bertha rented a room to Lee Wimberly, a Caucasian man. Great Grandpa is listed as a farmer, which may indicate that he owns land. Great Grandmother Bertha was born in South Carolina.

Who are John Wesley Woodards Parents?

Cousin George W. Woodard, Jr. has a copy of Great Grandpa John Wesley Woodards birth certificate, at it lists his parents as unknown. Great Grandpa John is called Grandpa Todd by his grandchildren. We have found a John W. Woodard living in Worth County Georgia in 1900 with his Nella and their children. They are listed as white on the census record. Further research and investigation has to be conducted before we can connect this family to our John Wesley Woodard. Grandpa John Wesley was 18 years old in 1900.

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