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NHK World News English: TOTALLY TOHOKU!

The Tohoku region is a fantastic travel destination accessible from Tokyo by three Shinkansen lines. This month, we’re presenting a series of programs that will introduce you to the many charms of the six prefectures in Japan’s northeastern Tohoku region. 

20160118Here’s a one minute guide for tourists.

First up is Aomori Prefecture, famous for the Nebuta Festival, delicious apples, and spectacular autumn scenery.

Among the many popular destinations in Iwate Prefecture is Chusonji, a temple famous around the world for its 800-year-old golden hall.

In Akita Prefecture you can enjoy Kakunodate, an old samurai town, and the traditional festivals of Oga Peninsula.

Miyagi Prefecture contains Sendai, Tohoku’s biggest city, and the beautiful Matsushima Bay, one of the three most scenic spots of Japan.

Yamagata Prefecture offers lots of hot springs and delicious fruit, as well as Dewa Sanzan, a sacred mountain range.

Fukushima Prefecture features the Miharu Takizakura, one of Japan’s largest cherry trees, and the Aizu region, which is rich in traditional architecture. ℗ is your source to learn about the broad and beautiful spectrum of our shared History.