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List of Governors of Pennsylvania

List of Governors of Pennsylvania
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Benjamin Franklin, sixth President of Pennsylvania, and first U.S. Postmaster General

The Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is the head of the executive branch of Pennsylvania’s government and the commander-in-chief of the state’s military forces. The governor has a duty to enforce state laws, and the power to approve or veto bills passed by the Pennsylvania Legislature. and to convene the legislature. The governor may grant pardons except in cases of impeachment, but only when recommended by the Board of Pardons.

There have been seven presidents and 46 governors of Pennsylvania, with two governors serving non-consecutive terms, totaling 55 terms in both offices. The longest term was that of the first governor, Thomas Mifflin, who served three full terms as governor in addition to two years as president. The shortest term belonged to John Bell, who served only 19 days as acting governor after his predecessor resigned. The current governor is Tom Corbett, whose term began on January 18, 2011.

Pennsylvania was one of the original thirteen colonies, and was admitted as a state on December 12, 1787. Prior to declaring its independence, Pennsylvania was a colony of the Kingdom of Great Britain; see the list of colonial governors for the pre-statehood period. Presidents of the Supreme Executive Council

Benjamin Franklin, sixth President of Pennsylvania, and first U.S. Postmaster General The first constitution in 1776 created the Supreme Executive Council as the executive branch, with the President as its head. The president was chosen annually by the council, though with no specific term dates.

Thomas Mifflin, last President and first Governor of Pennsylvania

The original 1776 constitution created the position of “vice-president”, though no provision was made if the office of president became vacant, which occurred four times. Contemporary sources continue to label the chief executive in such times as the vice president, without any notion of succeeding to the presidency. One acting president, George Bryan, has since been recognized as a full-fledged governor, due to his acting as president for over six months.

Thomas McKean, second Governor of Pennsylvania, President of Delaware, and President of the Continental Congress

President Took office Left office Vice President
1. Thomas Wharton Jr. March 5, 1777 May 23, 1778 George Bryan
2. George Bryan May 23, 1778 December 1, 1778 acting as president
3. Joseph Reed December 1, 1778 November 15, 1781 George Bryan
Matthew Smith, William Moore
4. William Moore November 15, 1781 November 7, 1782 James Potter
5. John Dickinson November 7, 1782 October 18, 1785 James Ewing
James Irvine, Charles Biddle
6. Benjamin Franklin October 18, 1785 November 5, 1788 Charles Biddle
Peter Muhlenberg David Redick
7. Thomas Mifflin November 5, 1788 December 21, 1790 George Ross

Andrew Gregg Curtin, 15th Governor of Pennsylvania, and United States Ambassador to Russia

Governors of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

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