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e0b863f873638efa81a0f8773b39882d_LTeen Kids News is an Emmy award-winning television news show for kids

Teen Kids News is an international 1/2 hour weekly program that is informative, educational and entertaining! The show has been on the air since 2003, and given how many people watch it and love it, the show will be on forever!

Teen Kids News (TKN) highlights positive stories about kids doing amazing things and helping to make the world a better place.

In addition, the TKN reporters on the show (who are, of course, all kids!) report on everything that is fun or interesting or important about our world. These stories range from kids who fly planes to how to deal with bullying to the best way to throw a baseball to tips on getting into college to interviews with entertainers.

You can watch the last full episode of the TKN TV show in the Latest Episode section of the website.

You can get the On Air Schedule of what time and what channel the show is on in your area.

You can watch individual stories segments on the website in the video section.  The categories include Sports, Schools & Careers, Entertainment, Helping & Going Green, Health & Well Being, Fun Facts and Cool Places!

TKN recently won its first Emmy Award! In addition, TKN has received numerous awards including the Silver Circle Award, Hermes Creative Award, Angel Award, George Washington Honor Medal and several Accolade, Telly, and Communicator Awards! The CT Press Club recently awarded first place for Best Educational Website!

Teen Kids News has been written up in People Magazine, TV Guide, Daily News, listed as a “best TV show” in Parenting magazine and spoofed by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. The show was cited by the advocacy group, Children Now, as one of only eight shows on the air  that is truly tops for educational value!

The show was created by Albert Primo, award-winning creator of the adult news program “Eyewitness News”.  He, along with Emmy Award winning Director, Alan Weiss, are the Executive Producers of Teen Kids News.

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