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How to serve on MLK Day while quarantining at home by Ashley Vaughan

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

This year for Dr. King’s birthday I wanted to do something special, something that would make him proud. I didn’t want this to just go by as just a free day we get out of school, I wanted to analyze it and learn more and do more. So that’s what inspired this video.. I always wanted to do a tribute video to culture and political leaders, and I felt it would be no other time then to do it now on Dr. King’s Birthday. [TAGS:] Martin Luther King Jr. I Have Dream Speech Tribute January 15 Birthday Assassination Civil Rights Leader Movement Corretta Scott King Rosa Parks Boycott Biography Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Civil Rights Movement Human Talk Quotes Michael Jackson Man In The Mirror.

Serving on Martin Luther King Day 2021 may look and feel different this year but a number of organizations are offering ways to virtually volunteer and celebrate Dr. King’s legacy from home.

(CNN) Caught between colliding pressures of a pandemic, political unrest and outcries for social justice, this Martin Luther King Day of Service is unlike any other. But despite the limitations of the season, this federal holiday doesn’t have to be any less impactful. Now more than ever, MLK Day of Service is enabling everyday people to roll up their sleeves and help their communities — even while stuck at home. Here’s how. To read more go to the link below:

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