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Smalls Jazz Club


Welcome to Smalls Jazz Club

Smalls Jazz Club is the world-famous basement Jazz club located in the unique Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City. Since 1994, Smalls has been having non-stop Jazz music 7 nights a week starting in the afternoon and going to the wee hours. Smalls is the meeting point for professional musicians in New York. The Smalls LIVE YouTube Channel presents LIVE streams from the club and an extensive archive of music from past shows. Please subscribe to our channel as we begin to grow our content and fanbase. Also, please visit our website at

Smalls Jazz Club

NonDisclosureThe Smalls Jazz Club in New York City

Smalls-closedRobert M. Rucker performing at Smalls

Smalls Jazz Club is a jazz club located at 183 West 10th Street, Greenwich VillageNew York CityNew YorkUnited States.  Established in 1993, it earned a reputation in the 1990’s as a “hotbed for New York’s jazz talent” with a “well-deserved reputation as one of the best places in the city to see rising talent in the New York jazz scene.”  Its jazz musicians are noted for being “talented, though largely unknown” while its music is characterized as “modern versions of bebop and hard bop.”  The club’s subterranean main room is in a basement, with an original capacity of 50 people,  later expanded to 60 people.  Smalls Jazz Club should not be confused with Harlem‘s Small’s Paradise, which was founded in 1925 by Ed Smalls and closed in the 1950’s.


smalls_photo_jkSmalls Jazz Club was established in 1993 by Mitchell “Mitch” Borden, a former nurse and teacher. Its atmosphere was characterized as being young, bohemian, and talkative. The music started each night at 10:30 PM and would last until 6:00 AM the following morning. The entrance fee was US$10.00; no alcohol was served.  Musicians who played here in their earlier years include Ehud Asherie,Ari HoenigKurt RosenwinkelAvishai CohenGuillermo KleinMark TurnerZaid NasserAvishai Cohen (trumpeter)Sacha PerryJason LindnerLou Donaldson, and Tommy Turrentine. The house pianist was Frank Hewitt.

Increasing financial difficulties led Borden to close Smalls on May 31, 2003. The closure was due declining attendance in the post-September 11 days, rent increase in this part of the city, and a smoking ban prohibiting smoking in indoor public places. Smalls’ concerts moved into a pool hall next door, the Fat Cat Club,  which was open four nights a week until 2:00 AM. In 2004, the Brooklyn Jazz Underground premiered with four shows at Smalls.

smallsAfter briefly serving as a Brazilian music venue, Borden and his associates, the musicians Michael “Spike” Wilner and Lee Kostrinsky, reopened Smalls in early 2006.  The club was fully restored and refurbished, and the sound quality was improved. Chairs were purchased at 17 different stoop sales, there’s a wall poster of Louis Armstrong, and there is a full service bar.  The entrance fee was raised to US$20. The first music set begins at 7:30 PM, and now, instead of the all night jazz sessions, there are two or three sets per night.  All concerts are broadcast live on the club website, and are available in replay. The renovated club has featured artists such as Omer AvitalBruce BarthSeamus BlakePeter BernsteinJimmy CobbSteve DavisJoel FrahmKevin HaysEthan IversonJazz Incorporated (Jeremy PeltAnthony WonseyLouis Hayes), David KikoskiRyan KisorBill MobleyTim RiesJim Rotondi and Neal Smith.

Recording Labels

13The Impulse! Records label recorded several albums here in the 1990s, including Live at Smalls. The club has its own record labels, Smalls Records under label owner and producer Luke Kaven,  and SmallsLive.Discography, Impulse! Records, The Smalls Years

  • Jazz Underground – Live At Smalls (compilation)
  • Omer Avital Group – Kentucky Girl
  • Charles Owens Quartet – Scenic Roots
  • Jason Lindner Big Band – Exophony
  • Zaid Nasser Quartet – Everything Happens To Me
  • Across 7th Street – The Kettle Is Whistling
  • Frank Hewitt Sextet – Prince Albert

Discography, Smalls Live

The new owners of Smalls created their own jazz label, Smalls Live, which publishes some concerts at the club. It is distributed by Harmonia Mundi.

  • Planet Jazz – Live At Smalls (8 and 9 January 2010)
  • Ethan Iverson Trio – Live At Smalls (16, 17, 18 November 2009)
  • Jim Rotondi Quintet – Live At Smalls (21 and 22 October 2009)
  • Seamus Blake Quintet – Live At Smalls (August 31 and September 1, 2009)
  • Neal Smith Quintet – Live At Smalls (23 and 24 August 2009)
  • Ian Hendrickson-Smith Septet – Live At Smalls (8 and 9 February 2008)
  • Steve Davis Quintet – Live At Smalls (7 and 8 January 2009)
  • Peter Bernstein Quartet – Live At Smalls (17 and 18 December 2008)
  • David Kikoski Trio – Live At Smalls (18 and 19 November 2008)
  • Kevin Hays, Doug Weiss, Bill Stewart – Live At Smalls (13 and 14 August 2008)
  • Ryan Kisor Quintet – Live At Smalls (16 and 17 May 2008)
  • Bernstein, Goldings, Stewart – Live At Smalls (6, 7, 8 January 2011)

Discography, other recordings at Smalls

  • Yves Brouqui – Live at Smalls (Elabeth, 2001)
  • Richie Vitale Quintet – Live At Smalls (TCB Records, 1997)
  • Kurt Rosenwinkel – Live At Smalls, Vol. 1 (Bootleg, 1999)
  • Kurt Rosenwinkel – East Coast Love Affair (Fresh Sound, 1996)

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