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Telling Your Stories: Life during the times of Coronavirus

Share your stories of hope, inspiration during the coronavirus outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak has left many people feeling scared, lost and alone. Each day, there are stories of loss and tragedy. But we are also seeing stories of hope, encouragement and inspiration. 

Have you seen someone go above and beyond during the coronavirus outbreak? Did you lose a love one? Do you miss school? What about not going to work? Do you miss going to work out at the gym? We want to hear your stories! We are going to share stories of the good, the bad and ugly things we see each day and some of the bad things that you feel is going on in this country.

PureHistory would love to post your short video (3-5 minutes) our website about how you feel on these historic days and months to come. Just email your name and a short description to us and we will get back to you about your short video. Don’t forget to attach your short video in the email. Just “submit your video” to and we may post it on our site. We want to share your stories about your experience and how you feel on and around the world.

HOW COVID-19 KILLS–I’m a Dr. Duc Vuong Surgeon–And Why We Can’t Save You
26-year-old Fiona is a yoga instructor and is as healthy as they come, but she still was hospitalized due to COVID-19. She shares her story.
A a survivor shares her story: Elizabeth Schneider contracted the coronavirus at a house party, which she initially thought was the flu. She has survived Covid-19 and is now creating awareness by sharing her story.
As the coronavirus death toll rises, so is the number of recovery stories. David Begnaud speaks to people who say they experienced debilitating symptoms but, thanks to their support systems, the care of medical staff and in some cases, faith, they pulled through.
From doctors with sick children to anti-lockdown protesters harassing nurses, these were the top 5 coronavirus news stories this week.
COVID-19 Patients Describe Experience of The Disease
On a lighter side: Love in the time of coronavirus (washing your hands is sexy now!)
Get the latest information from the CDC about COVID-19.
Nicholas Kristof visits two New York City hospitals and witnesses the heavy toll on medical workers fighting to keep Americans alive.
Mrs. Boone, 100 year-old resident of Mobile, tells how her family was the only family in a small rural Alabama area that did not contract the flu during the 1918 flu outbreak. Mrs. Boone’s family all became responders in her community. Her parents become instant nurses and she delivered soup to the door of ill families. Ann Brantley, R.N., of the Alabama Department of Public Health conducted the interview on January 28, 2008, and it was recorded by the Video Communications Division of the ADPH.

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