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Women in Ancient Egypt

Kelsey – Women in Ancient Egypt

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About the author (1991)

Barbara Watterson received her doctorate from the University of Liverpool. She is currently a freelance lecturer in Egyptology, working, in particular, in Adult Education. Her previous books” Women in Ancient Egypt “(1991), “Introductory Egyptian Hieroglyphics” (secind edition, 1993) and “Gods of Ancient Egypt “(1996).

“In ancient Egyptian society a woman was accorded legal rights equal to those of a man from the same social class and had the same expectation of a life after death.” Women in Ancient Egypt is a detailed and fascinating study of the often overlooked contributions made by women of all classes to the political and social history of pharaonic Egypt, c. 3100 B.C. to 30 B.C. Using evidence gleaned from written records, monuments, sculpture, tomb-paintings and material found in tombs, including objects and human remains, the author has been able to build up an intriguing picture of the lives led by ancient Egyptian women throughout the pharaonic period. The types of occupations and careers open to women are described; as are their domestic and personal lives–marriage, health and childbirth; the family; household chores undertaken by women; and their clothing, jewellery and beauty preparations. The women whose lives are fleshed out in these pages are largely the “little people” of history, women who rarely exercised any power outside the home. In contrast, however, the final chapter deals with those women, surprisingly few in number, whose influence on the political affairs of their country was considerable and legendary. The book is supplemented by a collection of superb illustrations, a comprehensive bibliography and detailed references.

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