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Tombstone Territory


Tombstone Territory

368px-Pat_Conway_Tombstone_Territory_1958Pat Conway as Clay Hollister, 1958

Tombstone Territory is an American Western series starring Pat Conway and Richard Eastham. The series’ first two seasons aired on ABC from 1957 to 1959. The third and final season aired in syndication from 1959 until 1960.

Series Background

This program takes place in the boom town of TombstoneArizona Territory, one of the Old West‘s most notorious frontier towns and the site of the shootout, the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Located south of Tucson, Tombstone was then known by the sobriquet, “the town too tough to die.” Its theme song, “Whistle Me Up a Memory” was composed and performed by the New York advertising writer, William M. Backer.

This series did not deal with Wyatt EarpDoc Holliday, or the Clanton Gang of the early 1880’s, but with fictional characters in the American Southwest. Conway, then twenty-six, played the lawman in the series, Sheriff Clay Hollister. The Tombstone Epitaph, the actual name of the longstanding local newspaper, was edited in the series by Eastham’s character of Harris Claibourne, who also narrated the series in a deep baritone voice.

The Ziv TV series aired on Wednesdays on ABC in the 1957-1958 season opposite Robert Young‘s sitcom Father Knows Best, then broadcast on NBC. It was returned to the ABC schedule for twelve new episodes on March 13, 1959, followed by summer rebroadcasts. It replaced the first season of Charles Bronson‘s Man with a Camera on Friday evenings at the 9 Eastern time slot, preceding the popular detective series 77 Sunset Strip. After the network run, Tombstone Territory was placed in syndication and ran mostly outside prime time in selected markets until it ceased production. Conway and Eastham appeared in all ninety-three episodes.


  • Pat Conway as Sheriff Clay Hollister
  • Richard Eastham as Harris Clayton Claibourne, Editor


  • Robert Foulk appeared in 1957 and 1958 as Curly Bill Brocius in three episodes, “Gunslinger from Galeville”, “Ride Out at Noon” and “Skeleton Canyon Massacre.”
  • Quintin Sondergaard was cast as Quint in eleven episodes of the two later seasons
  • Gilman Rankin starred as Deputy Charlie Riggs in seven episodes
  • Dennis Moore appeared as “Deputy” in five segments
  • Robert J. WilkeJohn Doucette, and Warren Oates all appeared three times, respectively, as Burt Foster, Apache Chief Geronimo, and Bob Pickett, as well as occasional other roles.

Guest Stars

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