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The Sun Is My Undoing


The Sun Is My Undoing

The Sun Is My Undoing (Flood Trilogy #1) by Marguerite Steen

Comment: Most Helpful Customer Reviews Slave trade love and history February 15, 2011 By Susan

This is an excellent book involving early slave trade shipping between England and the Ivory coast in Africa. It also involves love stories within the characters and a interracial daughter raised in Cuba in a convent. It is a strong story with strong characters, anyone reading it will be enthralled with the characters and the intrigue of their lives, loves, and their characters intertwined with the early sailing, shipbuilding, sugar plantations and slave trade to Bristol England. It provides lite into the inner workings of the trade and the suffering the slaves endured, on crowded, poorly ventilated murchant ships, on their long journey’s to where they were bought and sold, not much differently from working animals. It is a heart rending love story guaranteed to catch ones breath and hold ones interest to the very end. I have read this fine writing twice and enjoyed it as much the second time as much as the very first time I read it. It is worth the time spent to read it and it is pure reading pleasure. The writer certainly did a great job, although it was written a long time ago, its story is timeless and brings one’s memory to the time when these things happened making one feel that they are actually there, somehow watching what is happening throughout the book.

I recommend this book to anyone with an interest in slave trade, shipping, or a wonderful love story.

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