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The David Library of the American Revolution

The David Library of the American Revolution is a specialized research library dedicated to the study of American history circa 1750 to 1800. The David Library is a non-profit educational institution.  Our mission is the collection and dissemination of information on this early period of American history, and the support of related educational programs and scholarly research.

The David Library was founded in 1959 by Sol Feinstone (1888 – 1980), a businessman, philanthropist and collector of Americana.  He named the Library in honor of his grandson David Golub who was born developmentally disabled.  In order to secure the future of the foundation he established, Mr. Feinstone donated to the institution his extensive collection of Revolutionary war manuscripts, his 118-acre farm on which the Library and auxiliary buildings are situated, and an endowment.  In 1974, the present Library building was built and opened to the public.

Two things set the David Library apart from every other research institution that has materials on the American Revolution: concentration and convenience. Here you will find almost all the basic primary sources on the Revolution, including materials, such as many documents microfilmed at the British Archives, found no where else in this country. And you will find this material in one building, serviced by a small but highly knowledgeable staff that has no other objective than to assist its users in learning about the broad era of the American Revolution.

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