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Stoney Burke (TV series)


Stoney Burke: A Girl Named Amy

Episode of Stoney Burke with Jack Lord, Created with MAGIX Video easy HD.

440px-Jack_Lord_Stoney_BurkeJack Lord as Stoney Burke

Stoney Burke is an American western television series broadcast on ABC from October 1, 1962 until May 20, 1963. Six years before the premiere of his CBS crime drama,Hawaii Five-OJack Lord starred in the title role.


Stoney Burke is a rodeo rider who was competing for the Golden Buckle, the award given to the world champion saddle bronc rider. During his quest, Stoney became entangled in the lives of numerous people. He is accompanied on the rodeo circuit by his friends Ves Painter (Warren Oates) Cody Bristol (Robert Dowdell) and E. J. Stocker (Bruce Dern).

Dick Clark of American Bandstand was cast as Sgt. Andy Kincaid in the 1963 episode “Kincaid.” Rodeo performer Casey Tibbs appeared as himself in this episode. James Coburn was cast as Jamison in the 1963 episode “The Test”. J. Pat O’MalleyRichard Eyer, and Ivan Dixon were also featured in this episode.


The same year that Stoney Burke premiered, NBC aired its own drama about rodeo performers, The Wide Country, starring Earl Holliman and Andrew Prine. It ended after twenty-eight episodes. Both series were essentially westerns that debuted at the end of the time when western programs – a fixture of 1950s and early 1960s television – had been a #1 draw on the medium. By the middle 1960s, the saturation of the market had begun to take its toll; while such established series as Bonanza and Gunsmoke continued to thrive, new shows with less than robust ratings struggled to survive. Both rodeo series were canceled after one season.

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