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State Trooper


The Red Badge of Death: State Trooper

Season 1. Ep 1. People leaving Las Vegas with large sums of money are being robbed so Rod goes undercover to find out what is happening.

506px-Rod_Cameron_State_Trooper_1957Rod Cameron as Rod Blake, 1957 State Trooper

is an American crime drama set in the 1950’s American West, starring Rod Cameron as Rod Blake, an officer of the Nevada Department of Public Safety. The series aired 104 episodes in syndication from September 25, 1956, to June 25, 1959.


State Trooper is based in Las VegasReno, and Carson CityNevada, but was filmed byRevue Studios at Iverson’s Movie Ranch in Chatsworth in Los Angeles County in California. Its fictional stories focus upon miners, ranchers, dude ranches, released convicts, and murder mysteries, often with surprise endings. The series pilot entitled “Killer on a Horseback” starring Rod Cameron aired in February 1956 on an episode of the NBC anthology series Star Stage. Robert Armstrong appeared in twenty-four episodes as Sheriff Andy Anderson, who developed a good working relationship with Cameron’s character, Blake. Don Haggerty played Sheriff Elder in nine episodes in the 1956-1957 season. Paul Stader appeared five times in the 1958-1959 season as Deputy Sheriff Jim Wallace. Tom Greenway appeared in four episodes as Sheriff Bronson: “Stay Lost, Little Girl”, “Dangerous Honeymoon”, “Full Circle”, and “Death on Wheels.”

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