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St. Louis Blues


Nat King Cole St. Louis Blues 1958

Here is the classic Paramount motion picture, staring the great Nat King Cole and other great jazz,Blues and spiritual singers and musicans. I handled the movie with much-much care. I first deinterlaced the interlaced file and change the scan type to progressive. So this way all the lines disapeard and this is the best thing to do with it before uploading it to YouTube. Now the quality is much better then the earlier one wich was uploaded in 6 splitted parts. The sound is also much more enjoyable, thank to my new self worked out stereo technic. I suggest everyone to use a high fidelity earphone. So just sit back, relax and listen to great music in stereo sound. You won’t regret it, I tell you. Enjoy, Géza.

maxresdefaultSt. Louis Blues (1958 film)

St. Louis Blues is a 1958 American film broadly based on the life of W. C. Handy. It starred jazz and blues greats Nat “King” Cole, Pearl Bailey, Cab Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald, Eartha Kitt, and Barney Bigard, as well as gospel singer Mahalia Jackson and actress Ruby Dee. The film’s soundtrack used over ten of Handy’s songs including the title song.

In conjunction with the film, Cole recorded an album of W. C. Handy compositions, arranged by Nelson Riddle, and Fitzgerald incorporated “St. Louis Blues” into her concert repertoire.

Nat King Cole – W.C. Handy
Eartha Kitt – Gogo Germaine
Cab Calloway – Blade
Ella Fitzgerald – Singer
Mahalia Jackson – Bessie May
Ruby Dee – Elizabeth
Juano Hernandez – Rev. Charles Handy
Teddy Buckner – Musician
Barney Bigard – Musician
George Callender – Musician
Lee Young – Musician
George Washington – Musician
Billy Preston – Will Handy as a boy
Pearl Bailey – Aunt Hagar
Jester Hairston – Choir Master/Singer

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