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Roy Moore allegedly signed a high-school student’s yearbook

Roy Moore Might Be In A Lot Of Trouble 

“Four women have come forward to The Washington Post alleging that Roy Moore—the former Alabama judge who was twice removed from the state’s supreme court and is currently the GOP nominee for Senate—pursued them for sexual relationships when they were young teens. More than one of the women reportedly said he pursued her when she was only 14 years old. “I wanted it over with—I wanted out,” she told the Post of her sexual encounter with Moore. “Please just get this over with. Whatever this is, just get it over.” One of the women said she was 14 and working at the mall as a Santa’s helper when she was approached by Moore. Another said she was 17 when Moore spoke to her high-school civics class and then pursued a relationship with her that never progressed “beyond kissing.”

Roy Moore allegedly signed a high-school student’s yearbook before sexually assaulting her by Maxwell Tani

screenshot2017-11-13at30235pmRoy Moore, a Republican candidate for US Senate from Alabama, allegedly signed a high-school student’s yearbook before he sexually assaulted her.

In a press conference on Monday, Beverly Young Nelson said Moore became a regular at a restaurant called the Old Hickory House when he was the District Attorney of Etowah County and she was a waitress.

She said that one night when she was 16 years old, he offered her a ride home when her shift ended, then drove around to the back of the restaurant sexually assaulted her in his car in the parking lot.

As evidence of their relationship, Nelson presented a page of her yearbook that Moore asked to sign during one of his earlier visits to the restaurant.

Moore’s message read, “To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say, ‘Merry Christmas.’ Love, Roy Moore DA, 12-22-77, Olde Hickory House.”

As Business Insider’s Josh Barro pointed out, Moore’s signature in the yearbook matches his signature on his US term limits pledge this year. To read more go to the link below:

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