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Politicians Should Not Be Paid During The Shutdown


 Shutdown Why Will Congress Still Get Paid 

RTX6JSAY-e1547400441968Congress members donate salaries during the shutdown, but not Trump appointees by Heather Timmons

Over 70 members of Congress are refusing their salaries or donating them to charities that are helping federal workers during the government shutdown, now in its 24th day. But that charitable (and politically savvy) impulse apparently hasn’t spread to White House officials or members of Trump’s cabinet.

Quartz reached out to agencies in Trump’s cabinet, as well as the vice president’s office and the White House press office in recent days, to ask if Trump political nominees, or the president or vice president themselves were making any charitable donations during the shutdown. So far, not a single agency of the nearly twenty Quartz contacted has responded in the affirmative, although a snow day in Washington DC on Monday (Jan. 14) may be delaying responses somewhat. To read more go to the link below:

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