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Levin and Sidney Still (1872) Lawnside, NJ

History of Slavery in New Jersey

body_stories_peterstill_URWS-1 (1)Dr. James Still was the son of Charity Still and Levin Still which moved to Lawnside area. (c. Rutgers University)

Still Family is a dramatic story of servitude and freedom.  Levin and Sidney were slaves in the Maryland area and the parents of several children (agent William Still & James Still-Pine Doctor).  Levin bought his freedom, Sidney and the youngsters escaped from bondage and came to New Jersey.  The mother and children were returned to servitude by slave hunter, but Sidney and her daughters managed to escape again and return to New Jersey.  Many years later son Peter bought his freedom and was reunited with his family in the north.

7dd0c9_b5ef3395c02142dea35599e34b9389ca~mv2 (1)Charity Still and her Husband Levin Still, twice escaped from slavery into Lawnside, New Jersey (c. Rutgers University)

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