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How to Get out of Depression: A Guide to Psychotherapy by Marcus Neo

Depression Treatment Options: A Quickstart Guide-What to do if you’re diagnosed with Depression

You or someone you care about has been diagnosed with depression- so now what? In this video I’m going to teach 5 essential things you should know to get started treating your depression right away. I’ll share 14 research backed treatment options for depression and help you get connected to local resources. Depression doesn’t have to be permanent-it’s treatable- here’s how. First: A depression diagnosis does not mean that you are defective, nor that it’s your fault, you’re not broken and the disorder is treatable. It is not a character trait or just a “Chemical imbalance” Depression is a real and challenging condition that combines biology, life experience, thoughts and actions to create a pattern that is difficult to break out of on your own, but with the right resources and support things can get way better!

Our decision making in all areas of life comes from unconscious aspects of our minds. If there’s something you are overly anxious or numb about, there may be an underlying emotion that you’ve repressed or are unconscious about. If you’re constantly unhappy, or constantly in toxic relationships with your friends and family members, then perhaps there’s something there as well.

Or perhaps, you may be facing some form of depression.

The Struggle with Depression and Mental Health

I once completely flunked my examinations and got dumped by my ex girlfriend over a text message in a timeframe of a couple of weeks. I was due for military enlistment in a couple of weeks and needless to say those chain of events lead to a minor depressive period.

I looked to friends and family for advice but mostly they ended up giving me superficial or judgmental advice. To learn more go to the link below:

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