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Hoagland Family A Study of Several Branches With Allied Families

Notes on the

Hoagland Family

A Study of Several Branches With Allied Families

compiled by Harry M. Cleveland
November 28, 1999
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“Only a few words should suffice as to why I have spent the last 27 years researching the Hoagland family. When I was young boy, I often pressed my father to tell me stories of his youth. I was delighted to hear his accounts of baseball games won, childhood adventures, the Navy, etc. My favorite stories, however, were those about his father. His father died when he was only five years old. I guess that can account for his bigger than life memories of his father. While in high school, I began to search for facts about my grandfather’s life because I wanted to know more about the man my father honored. There was very little to go on and there was no one to help me. After two years of searching in vain, I stumbled upon my father’s uncle. At the only time we met, he made it clear he did not want to share any information; however, he did say that my grandfather had changed his name to Cleveland from Hoagland. He would share nothing else ever again. Well, that was just enough to help get me to where I am today.” When I began my search, I had no idea that I would spend thousands upon thousands of hours in libraries, archives, churches, cemeteries, mailing unending stream of letters and making countless phone calls and, all the while, driving friends and family crazy with my obsessive pursuit. It has been both fascinating and maddening. I have met so many wonderful people along the way.I have compiled these notes over the last 27 years. For years, I kept handwritten notes in dozens of boxes throughout the house. I realized the notes were no good to anyone unless they were shared by researchers with similar interests to my own. One day, I would like to write a proper genealogy (including an index! – I am sorry that one is not included here); however, I cannot be certain whether that desire will ever be fulfilled. At least now, these notes will be available to other researchers.

November 28, 1999

Harry M Cleveland
211 Cornwall Drive
Chalfont, PA 18914


Dirck Harmenson Hooghlandt
born circa 1581 in Rynsburg, Holland
baptized died May 18, 1661 in Rynsburg, Holland
son of Harme Hooghlandt (circa 1550 – ?) and ?
Dirck may have been married twice; however, it must be proven.

Married circa 1606

Woutergen Jansdr
born circa 1584 in Rynsburg, Holland
Daughter of Jan

Dutch record – begraven gr. k. te Haarlem Hooglandt Harman / t kino Sept 1649

The Hoagland Coat of Arms – These Lords of Hoaglandt, bore a “COAT OF ARMS,” having three crowns across the upper part of the escutcheon, on a field azure and on lower half a vine branch with grapes pendant between two leaves on field argent.

Hooglandt (Aux Pays Bas)
D’argent, a la grappe de Raisin de pourpe pendante d’une Brance feuille de deux pieces, au natural et posee’ en fasce su chef-senople charge’ de trois courrounse d’or

Hoogland is a village in the province of Utrecht, Netherlands (near Amersfoort).


Harme Dircksz Hooghlandt
born circa 1607 at Rijnsburg, South Holland
baptized died October 1677 at Rijnsburg
buried October 5, 1677 at Haarlem, North Holland

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