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Henry Jewett Players


Portrait of Henry Jewett

The Henry Jewett Players (ca.1910s-1930s) was a repertory theatre troupe established by actor Henry Jewett in BostonMassachusetts. The group operated from the Boston Opera House (ca.1915); the Toy Theatre and Copley Theatre on Dartmouth Street (ca.1916-1924); and the Repertory Theatre on Huntington Avenue (ca.1925-1930).   

Copley Theatre, Dartmouth St., 1917

Performers included Peg Entwistle and Conway Wingfield.   A contemporary critic explained how the players worked: “Mr Jewett … considers the term ‘Stock Company’ beneath the just merits and present ambitions of his organization, and insists that it be dignified by the name ‘Repertory,’ instead. There is justification for this to the extent that no member regularly plays ‘leading’ parts, but all are moved around in the cast from week to week, from important to minor roles. But the company is nevertheless not run on the European Repertory system by means of which several plays are put on within the week, but instead, follows the usual American fashion of playing each play for a week or more at a time.”   The Jewett Players continued until around 1930.

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