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Frank Sinatra Show

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In 1957, Timex sponsored a series of TV Variety Show Specials starring Frank Sinatra broadcast on The ABC Television Network. This show was taped on October 19, 1958. The special guest stars are Dean Martin and Bing Crosby and includes a Dean Martin’s less than subtle commercial for his Hollywood restaurant whilst performing ‘Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams’. Also appearing are Mitzi Gaynor and a cameo by Jimmy Durante.

Sinatra in 1947, at the Liederkrantz Hall in New York

The Frank Sinatra Show is an ABC variety and drama series, starring Frank Sinatra, premiering on October 18, 1957, and last airing on June 27, 1958.


This was Sinatra’s second attempt at a television series, his first was The Frank Sinatra Show on CBS Television between 1950-52.

The series was originally slated to consist of thirteen variety episodes, thirteen dramas starring Sinatra, and ten dramas hosted by Sinatra, filmed at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood rather than broadcast live. Sinatra was paid $3 million for the series, and granted near total artistic freedom.

The drama segments of the show fared less well against the variety episodes in ratings and the final total was fourteen live variety shows, eight filmed variety shows, four dramas starring Sinatra, and six dramas hosted by Sinatra. Rather than 36 episodes for the season, ABC cut its losses and reduced the total number to 32.

Sinatra hated rehearsing, and tried to make eleven shows in fifteen days; the series subsequently received a critical mauling and was Sinatra’s last attempt at a television series.

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